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- The worry about pulling the trigger and what it will do to your life. Not only the hesitation at taking a life, but the hesitation at whether or not it is going to be a "good shoot" and going to jail.
No matter how we hope to "do the right thing" when faced with the ultimate horror of kill or suffer killing, that worry will always be there. I can only hope that, God forbid, if I'm faced with that choice, that worry lasts a tenth of a second, no more. But, even a good shoot produces a life completely changed more times than not. I'm very sorry you had to move, but under the circumstances, I certainly understand. We, in this neighborhood, have had to "take our streets back" from miscreants bent on taking over more than once, though not quite to the level of your experience, and I won't elaborate on it here. Suffice to say all we've done is to prolong the house values for a time and our area remains quiet and, for the most part, still desireable. Hopefully it stays that way for a few years, until I can once again get a decent price for my house, and leave on MY OWN terms. And, here's hoping you never have to be put in a similar situation again. All the best.
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