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The biggest reason to take some training. Its a lot of fun!
Its expensive too.

Years ago when I couldn't afford to go I had to do the next best thing which was self teach using as much information as possible from professional sources. I would often team with friends and coworkers. Now I can afford to attend but I don't feel that I will learn enough to justify the cost.

Yes it will be fun and to answer Glenn I'm only interested in gun fight survival.

Now you guys have me wondering if I'm leaving speed on the table by some bad techniques.

Capt Charlie, After years of shooting threegun matches I have definitely learned to chew gum and walk at the same time. These guys set up some really tricky arrays and its easy to get left behind so to speak. I lost what would have been my 1st first place finish some eight years ago because I forgot to shoot a target 3 yrds away.
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