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Hey, Don't point that finger at me! It might go off...

I don't look at paintball or lazer tag as much different than the cap gun wars of my youth. There is need for some extra safety precautions for the responsible player (protect the eyes and cover the skin). I don't even play paintball or laser tag, but I wouldn't say that laser tag or laser "showdown at noon" would be much different. Sounds fun to me! But hey, sling shots and gummy bears would be fun too!

My post before was a response to those who think a potential fun activity for others is a bad idea based on the possibility that people might learn to be crazy by doing it. Hogwash... That same reasoning is why we have a bunch of anti-gunners running around trying to stop our mutual hobby as gun enthusiasts and collectors. "Don't let them buy guns. They might get mad and start killing people."

Think about it. Did you play cops and robbers with toy guns (capguns, rubber band launchers, sticks)? Was it fun? Did your mom or dad ever buy you a cap gun and say "Never point this at anyone"? Doubtful or they wouldn't have given you a cap gun in the first place (this is where sticks would be a necessity ). My dad taught me gun safety. He taught me not to point a dangerous weapon at anyone unless I absolutely had to. I've kept that with me all my life, and live by it. But I would surely point a laser or paintball gun at anyone in the game.

SHOOTING AT PEOPLE WITH TOYS IS A GAME (if mutually acceptable of course)

Granted, some people don't know the difference between a game and real life. It is not a good idea for them to play the games, or get involved with cowboy action shooting, or any other kind of shooting for that matter. Here's another concept:


Should we not own guns because some folks will do bad things with them?

I'm done... Do what you want... I'd like to play laser high-noon...
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