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For goodness sakes, lay off him already. Where you there, was it your families life at risk??

Nothing is quite as offensive than Monday morning quaterbacking a situation like this. While I respect LEO's and appreciate the hard job they have, I do not expect them to be there to protect or to save me from danger. That is my job, because I am always there and armed.

I live in a quiet burg close to Dallas (I long to move to the mountains ), but that will not happen until I retire or when the SHTF. So far, the gang bangers and other low life scum (meth heads, etc,.) have not moved here because the county LEO's have a very tough redneck reputation and carry .45 ACP's on their hips. To date, that has helped keep undesirables out of my little hamlet.

Since Texas has adopted the castle doctrine plus my CHL, I feel a little safer.


Stop explaining already, you did the only thing you could do. The best defense is a good offense.

Everybody has an opinion. Mine may stink and be offensive, but it's still my opinion
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