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According to "Field and Stream"

July, 2007 edition, page60, "The Last Cartridge Guide You'll Ever Need", in the category, "Big Game At Long Range".

"This is a specialized category, comprising rounds that throw bullets at high speeds and can put down large animals like elk far off in the distance."

FIRST CHOICE: 300 Weatherby Mag - "the various huge .30's made by Rem, Lazzeroni, etc. will do everything this one will do"....."Recoil and muzzle blast are for experienced shooters only. Take that to heart."

SECOND CHOICE: .270 WSM - the (first choice category) is for truly big game. "If you want to take an animal that isn't mega-size - deer, antelope, caribou, even elk - at long range, here is the ticket. Like the standard .270, it's loaded with bullets of 130 to 150 grains, but it gives them 150 to 200 fps more at the muzzle, which makes hitting at long range easier than it would otherwise be. Recoil is noticeable but not nearly in a league with the"... first choice category.

"OVERRATED ROUNDS: 7mm Rem Mag. With all respect to its vast popularity, if you chronograph a 7mm Rem Mag, you will find that there's almost no distinction between it and a (standard) .270 and a .280......"
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