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Mini 14 Problem

I own an older Mini 14, bought in the 70's, which is stainless steel. It was never a great performer even with a 3-9 scope. Recently, I have spent some time and effort to add the Tapco stock conversion, an OETech 512 holographic sight, and the Streamligt TRL2 light and laser combination. Looks great with a 40 round mag, but I am having some problems with the cycling of the action. More often than I feel comfortable with, the bolt does not close all of the way. It gets hung up or binds about 1/2 inch from completly closing. Then when you pull the trigger, it does not fire since it is not making contact with the round in the chamber. If I cycle the action, it picks up the next round in the mag and trys to chamber it. But it cant't since the live round in the chamber has not ejected yet.

I've tried various ammo with the same results. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on two 20 rounds mags that were factory Ruger...same results.

Now I'm thinking I will put the old wooden stock back on and see if the problem is the Tapco stock binding some place.

I can hear metal on metal contact when I cycle the action slowly. When I cycle it hard manually, it slams past the area where it binds up.
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