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Fun as hell to shoot.
Either I need to be a better shot with the sights, or I have to get a sight adjustment tool.
I missed more than a few shots at pigs tonight. (100+ yards)
I shot the dirt directly underneath them.

I'm used to a table top sight picture...
The rifle is set for a half obscured target, aka; dead on.

Here is her first twenty shots, 100 yards with open sights...
(2 inch red dot 'sticky')

The dang POSP wouldn't fit on, thanks to the D-ring on the new stocks aluminum tube.

Almost every round hit where the top edge of the sight pin was.

Here is ATTT on the trigger...
The brass is somewhere in-transit, just off the right frame, at the road.

It was HOT today, but great views...
Three doe off my right knee. 60 yards.
Pondering the differences, terminally, between the V-Max and the A-Max.
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