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Conversion, Part 3

Only 6 photo's or graphics allowed per post.
Don't blame me for needing 3 posts/parts...

Here is some other views of the trigger install...

Turns out, I had plenty of room cut for the front of the trigger.
But I needed another millimeter or two for the rear of the new trigger.

Don't forget that main pin retainer spring...
There are two ways I could think of to retain the main pins.
Purchase the retainers online as a plate looking thing...
Example... AK-47 Shepherd's Crook Replacement
Or, what I did...(temp fix)
I used a short bolt and nut thru one of the back holes, where the pins I cut were, for the old trigger.
It had to be short as the pistol grip nut was in the way of a longer one.
Insert spring and nut. Push bolt thru and turn to tighten on nut.
The spring 'sits' on the excess bolt, after the bolt is past the nut. The pistol grip nut keeps the spring in place.
Be sure the spring leg is inserted under the trigger main pin, and over the hammer main pin.
There is a ridge around both main pins, designed there for the spring to pop into, thus holding the pins in place.
Lemme get a pic and upload it for a link...

UNDER, and in the main pin notch, at the red arrow.
OVER, and in the main pin notch, at the green arrow.

Basically, it is finished with the new trigger installed.

That friggin (trying to be nice ) Bolt-hold-open spring...
My fingers still hurt under the nails...
You have to press the spring in, between the BHO lever and the receiver wall, far enough for the main trigger pin to go thru it.
You have about 2.5 mm (or less) to work inside of, between the two.
The springs long arm goes forward against the bottom, and side, of the receiver.
The springs short arm goes against a small shelf/hook/bend (whatever) on the BHO lever.

I couldn't take pictures of that process as my fingers, and the BHO lever, were in the way.
Trust me, two small (tiny even) screwdrivers come in real handy for holding that spring in place, while you try and wiggle that main pin thru its coil.
Once the main pin has the coil, it is a simple wiggle of the trigger to pop the main pin thru the remaining hole in the receiver.
It's just getting the coil onto the pin, that sucks... and hurts.

Put all of your hardware on the rifle.
See what it looks like.
Here is mine...

That's 'Kindness', my Saiga 308 in the background.

Here they are together, at home.
Welcome my newest family member, "Envy".

Very odd...
The conversion process between the two had quite different aspects.
The biggest being that the 308 does not have the two cut-away pins for the old trigger. No pins, no holes.
Pondering the differences, terminally, between the V-Max and the A-Max.

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