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Conversion, part 2

There is a rivet right in the middle of the doubler plate.
Grind it off and remove it.
Take the trigger guard and stuff the front of it, the 'tang', under the magazine release.
Yes, it may wiggle a tad but it will not fall out when all is done.
The hole in the back of the trigger guard now lines up, almost, with the hole in the doubler, where a rivet was.
Press the trigger guard, with the front tang under the mag release, forward until the holes line up.
Insert a bolt with a thin nut.
Here is what it should look like...

At this point, I will note for those that wonder about single-hook and double-hook triggers;
There is a small extra modification needed for the double-hook trigger.
A second 'ear' must be made in the bottom of the receiver if you have a double-hook trigger.
Here is a descriptive photo of what I am meaning...

The arrow points at the single-hook 'ear'. Those with double-hook triggers will need to make another slot, where the lime line is.

Back to my conversion...
I hand fitted the pistol grip onto the rifle and made a mark on the receiver where the pistol grip bolt will be.
Red arrow marks the spot...

That square shaped, bare metal area, with a hole in it... Thats where the back trigger guard rivet was.
Later, it will get drilled, tapped, and a screw placed into the stock.

I drilled the hole.
Installed the pistol grip bolt, thru the grip, and placed a nut on the inside.

The nut had a round flange bottom. But I wanted the nut to grab the square edges of the factory hole. That's why there is a tab (you can barely see) on the bottom of the nut...

Wait a sec!
There's a hole down there, where the new trigger is going!
It's OK. That's where the spot weld used to be for the trigger guard, from Part 1.

I used it as a starting point for the new trigger hole...

Notice the new trigger held onto the side?
Thats the new disconnector, with an adjustment set-screw, on top of the trigger.

(Probably would have been easier to do the trigger hole before I put the trigger guard in its new spot)
Pondering the differences, terminally, between the V-Max and the A-Max.

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