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Conversion, part 1

OK. Here we go...

First off,
A great big thanks goes to ATTT for the time, location, assistance, and guidance.

This is pretty much exactly what it looked like before I began..

Here is what it looked like once I took it apart for the conversion...

I then pulled the two main pins holding the actual disconnector and sear, and hammer.
I used a small slot screwdriver to push the retaining spring wire off the recesses in the main pins.
For those of you that don't understand what pins I am talking about, it is the two pins you need to keep.
One is near the magazine release. The other is directly beneath the disconnector. (where the 'true' trigger would be/ will be)
You can see them in the pic above.
The silver dots near the bottom of the receiver.
Once you do that, the insides will look like this...

I ground the tang off the back of the trigger guard.
I figured it would be easier to do with it on the receiver than off...

Here is the same thing from underneath...

Notice, I have started to grind off the rivet.
I remembered to take photos after I had begun. LOL
See the spot-weld on the front of the trigger guard?
I drilled that out too.

Once the rivet and spot-weld are gone, the trigger guard can come off with a twist of a screwdriver pressed in-between the guard and receiver, near the hole of the previous spot-weld.

(Here is a parting shot at the factory trigger...Say, "bye, bye.")
(piece of junk! :barf
Grind off the long rivets that support the remainder of the old FCG.
Those, you do not need to keep.
Throw the old trigger in the garbage too. There is no reason to keep it.
Once they are gone, you can mount the new stock on the receiver. This helps with handling and control of the receiver for the remaining portions of the conversion.
Pondering the differences, terminally, between the V-Max and the A-Max.

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