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Just a shooter

What can I say........I want an original. I talked to a guy at the last CAS match who has two Ubertis. From what he says he's spent enough money on having them tricked out that he could buy himself a good car! Other guys drop a couple of grand to have their Rugers slicked up or to buy a set of Colt SAAs! From what I've seen, basically sound Winchesters are out their averaging $1500. Do they have dark bores? So what, if the rifling is good. Match shooting isn't much past 50 feet anyway! Parts are still available. And like I said, I'm not looking for a museum grade collectible. Little or no finish is fine with me, just no heavy pitting, majorly screwed up wood, or missing or broken parts.

What I need to know is what I should look for. My list includes overall condition, bore, muzzle crown, chamber, check headspace, sights, springs, missing or damage screws. I figure I need a bore lite (a scope would be great, but then I could buy another gun for the price of one of those!). I've checked out gauges(go, no go, field) and I've heard all you need is a go, or a field, or all three.....depending on who you listen too.

What am I missing? What do I need.

I can always buy new..............but I want to try this first.

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