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I just checked out the CHL website posted. A couple of things are notable. First, this group offers no civil liability legal defense or protection. It only provides legal criminal defense "from arraignment through the grand jury process". For those not familiar, there are two ways you get into the legal system:

The first is an arrest based on probable cause, after which you are arraigned and have a right to a Preliminary Examination (sometimes called a probable cause hearing) to establish the existence of valid probable cause to arrest. After that, you have all the stuff leading up to trial, but no Grand Jury, as the validity of probable cause was established through the Preliminary Examination.

The second is when the prosecutor puts on evidence before a Grand Jury to establish probable cause to indict, after which the Grand Jury decides if it is sufficient to issue an indictment and arrest warrant based on the indictment. If the warrant is issued, you get arrested and arraigned. No Preliminary Examination is necessary, because the Grand Jury determined the validity of the probable cause to arrest.

Sometimes, after a probable cause arrest by an officer, a prosecutor will bring evidence before the Grand Jury to secure an indictment, so he does not have to go through the Preliminary Examination, which is an adversarial proceeding, and which shows the defendant a lot of the prosecution's case.

At any rate, this CHL organization is providing a criminal defense lawyer up to Grand Jury, which is not very far at all. The real expenses for legal representation come in after Grand Jury: motions, depositions, discovery, trial prep, plea negotiations, etc. Also, you have no idea of the quality of attorney you are getting.

Anyway, they specifically state they offer no protection or representation in civil matters.
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