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TripleGlocker Update

Just wanted to let you good folks know that as expected nothing arrived. I am just glad I didn't send the Saudi anything.

If anyone traded with him (I know a couple of folks did) I think waiting by the mailbox would be pretty much a waste of your time.

I wish I could have warned everyone sooner.

My Rules to trade by:
- Don't deal outside the US.
- No references ... THEY ship first. PERIOD!
- If the deal sounds to good to be true, chances are It is.
- Ask questions if uncertain of the person you are trading with.
- If for any reason you get that "funny feeling" about a trade, listen to it and don't do the trade.
- If it is a FTF for a firearm always see at least one form of State ID (minimum). I use a transfer paper at times.
- Always use a FFL for out of state transactions.
- Have Fun!

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