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Need some more Dragoon help


I took my 3rd Model Dragoon out for a run & it's a blast

I've busted my gun hand up so to shoot I'm only using 35grn fffg & it's very comfortable to shoot. Now the question I have for you guys is what are the squared trigger guards on the Dragoon like when fired I will more than likely have to shoot reduced loads for quite some time they tell me & it appears that I have the last 3rd model Dragoon here in Australia I have to get another Dragoon within a month as my permit runs out & the only other Dragoon is a Whitneyville with the squared T/G. just need to know do I have to worry about the squared T/G when I'm using a reduced load ?

Beretta Australia is very slow to get Uberti's in to this country & a friend had to wait 18 months for a 38-40 S.A. revolver & I don't want to wait that long for a Dragoon I like the look of the Whitneyville Dragoon but the T/G worries me a little bit.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Take care & all the best from Australia.

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