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W O W Better than M&P, GLOCK, and H.K.? Might need to give these another try sometime. I didn't care for the trigger on the one I tried, but didn't notice that it had an awkward grip angle or anything.
While I like mine a lot, the trigger is nothing exceptional (nor is it poor, it's about what I expect from a DA/SA), comparing to the M&P and Glock are sort of apples to oranges and even H&K fans will admit their DA/SA triggers tend to be pretty mediocre (I also can't stand the ridiculously late trigger release on H&Ks).

I'd describe the trigger as TIGHTER than the one on my SIG P229 (though I tend to shoot the 229 better), it is, however, not quite as smooth as my well-broken in CZ 75B - and doesn't come close to the feel of a good Smith & Wesson DA/SA revolver.

For me what makes the PX4 great is it's incredible ergonomics, the minute I picked it up I knew I had to buy it, so I did.
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