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I believe thats the rarest of the modern loadings, by a long shot except for Maybe the 375 winchester, which was only offered for a year or two. I have seen two, both priced at exorbitant levels for the time, when 250 to 300 dollars was LOT of money for a nice 99, I saw one for $900. I found one last summer up in walker at Reeds and they wanted $1750 for a rough gun.

The best chambering in my mind is the 300 savage, it takes well to handloading but its good in factory form too, it gives up next to nothing to a .308, but by virtue of being a couple of tenths shorter in OAL, the lever swing is about 20 degrees less, which makes follow up shots so much easier. The 250 savage is the sweet chambering in a 99 for most deer and smaller game. its virtually recoiless in the 99, and I have several. If you have a smaller person or one who has developed a flinch, the 250 in a 99 is a wonderful gun.

I have taken black bear, elk, many deer, and one antelope with my 300, and love it, I have a older 1x4.5 leupold scope on it, and its perfect for me. ( I have a couple of closets and safes full of guns, but my hunting rifle is my 99 in 300.)

besides the 243, 308 and 358, and the 250 and 300 savage, the 99 was chambered in 3030, 303 savage, 32-40, 38-55, 22 hi power, and 410 shotgun.
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