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Todd: "seems to be translucent, but clearly in focus ". WADR - if translucent means "in focus" to you, then we have each have a quite different understanding of what "focus" means. Even today, when I was giving this a try, seeing the two images, they were both clear enough that I could describe each if I wanted to in some detail but one of them, the far one, was not what I consider "in focus". Shooting with both eyes open, as I do, It is normal to see two targets. They, are as I have noted, clear enough to describe. But I focus only on one since the image of the sight is what determines whether or not the shot goes into the 10 ring. The other image is of no consequence, though I am aware of the bullet holes. I believe that it may be easier to get the feeling that you have if the target is close, like the seven yards that you refer to. I return to the idea that what you have is a rapid and very smooth shift of focus from eye to eye that creates the strong impression of simultaneity.
White dot? There are no white dots on my target pistols; they are not combat guns. A front blade as dark as I can get it.
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