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"After the Dust Settles...": Liability Insurance for CCW-ers ?

For all the discussions of legally-critical events, the bills could be ENORMOUS from the lawyers should proceedings of any kind take place - not to speak of the initial representation. So, as I rarely or never read threads about this and it seems especially relevant for a forum devoted to SD actions:

#1) - Do homeowners policies cover liability for legal SD actions - court costs/civil suits etc. and if so is this on your property and off?

#2) If not -or for extra coverage - does an umbrella-policy include such coverage?

#3) There is a liability coverage policy available through NRA, anyone know personally if this is worth it (if the answer to the above are "no")?

Thanks for input.
This is the NRA one:

Sounds like it does cover liability for SD + legal fees - though the amounts are small:

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