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thanks for the replys guys...

I'm wanting to try the 2 pistol grips this winter... ( see if I get time ) the NAA mini aught to be pretty easy... in fact the stock grips fit pretty loosely into the grip frame, & rely on the screw to keep the outer lines of the grip panels lined up with the grip frame ( they probably do that for mass produced guns ), but I'd think a better fit ( internally ) on the grip frame, before shaping the outer shape would be better ???

since the mini is a limited edition laser engraved gun, ( it comes stock with pretty ugly black MOP grips ), I've been thinking about something much "brighter" & been looking at knife handle making supplys like simulated Abalone, or even composite semi precious stone like composite black lace turquoise or ??? I understand the brittle products may require a layer of silicone or similar product between the grip frame & grip panels, but think if done right, some very fancy grips could be done up, that would still be durable enough to shoot ( even magnum guns, if done right )

I'm not ready to jump into the engraving or rifle stock shaping yet... but if the simple handgun grips go well... who knows what the next several winters will hold ???
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