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Well...I got my revolvers back on-time Saturday. Came out to be a little more $$$ than I thought, but I think they fixed both of them up. I will test shoot tomorrow.

This is what they did:

S&W Model 60 - check cylinder alignment, squared forcing cone/repolished, deburred the back if the extractor (apparently there was a full burr lip on the back of the star), deburr ratchet front. Test fired 30 rounds.

Rossi M885 - WHOLE BUNCHA problems! Deburr hand, replace hammer spring, reduced return spring, deburred trigger and bolt. Polished all internals. Test fire.

No scratches on the Model 60, but a few on the Rossi (apparently, the sideplate was concave and rubbing some parts inside) from apparent thumping, etc. However, I'm not upset about's my beater gun anyways. The only thing I really cared about was the Model 60.

RANGE REPORT: S&W was AMAZING! Smooth as butter. It did start to drag a little, but I switched from WWB ammo to Independance and this solved the problem right away. Seems to have been some ammo issues/gun issues as well. Either's passed the test and will be carried when I get a proper holster for it. Right now, it's sitting in the gun case shiny and clean.

Rossi: Definitely got what I paid for with it HAHA. The 'smith smoothed it out a little like I said, but it still is DEFINITELY not a SW. Had a few light strikes with it - not thrilled with that. However, it's strictly a teaching gun, so it won't be shot much anyways. Going between the Rossi and the SW was night and can definitely tell the quality differences.

Anyways...thanks for all your help, fellas. I appreciate it!
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