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I have Tactical Balls (product review)

Now that I have your attention....

Brite Strike Tactical Balls:

They are a golf ball sized LED light you throw or roll. The rolling gives a strobe-like effect and the weight of the 2032 batteries causes them to eventually land light side up. It uses two (included) batteries each and the case is hard plastic.

Now my house has a wide open plan and my infant son's room is across from my bedroom. I have no choice, if something happens I have to head in that direction to get to him. These little wonders let me throw some light into the areas of the house I have to move past in a hurry. I can see an advantage if you have to move down stairs in your home also. I can clear some of the bigger areas like my kitchen and office quickly and adress any threat there as I move across to the boy's room. If you have a similar situation, give these a thought.

Part of the fire station where I work is a training facility. With the assistance of a fire Chief, I tested them on a couple of students. When some early students were sitting in a classroom I rolled one in. Their attention was focused on the ball as it rolled across the room and I was able to step in unnoticed. When a few more students arrived in the class, same result. Even the two who had seen it before followed it across with their eyes before turning towards the door that I had already entered. I tried it at shift change at the station also. Rolled three into the station. As before all eyes followed it across the room except for one Lieutenant, who yelled " if that thing explodes you're a dead man!" and closed his eyes.

Pros: it's cheap $40. It works. It's simple. The batteries are 2032s. Same as the red dot Tru Glo scopes on a couple of my Ars and AKs and other common red dots. Rolling them and tossing them into a dark locker room onto the tile did not break them or scratch the lens. They have a good strobe effect that is a little dazzling. They fill a real need in my home defense plan. Shipping was fast, the box was well packed and arrived intact.

Cons: They are listed on the site as "> 13000 MCD" output. Don't know what that measurement is but don't think that it is lumens. It's bright, but not blinding. It does not strobe or flash, it's just an effect of the rolling action. On thick carpet sometimes it will not roll to a stop with the light facing up. The case is good for beside my bed but it's more like a cell phone case than MOLLE gear. I don't think it would last forever in the field. It's hard to get the last ball out of the case.

Neutral: It takes some training to get used to not looking at it roll when you throw it. If you follow it with your eyes then naturally you are distracted too. I had to practice letting it go and concentrating on what I am doing. Also, the site lists them as LEO only. I don't see why and don't care for that policy. I ordered them with no ID and they made no attempt to verify that I was an LEO (I'm not) they just took my money. The manual is obviously written by a Chineese intern learning English. It's not "please to wear the phonebooth for free regualtion" bad, but you can tell they're not from around here.

If you think you might have a need for these in your home defense plan or have a need to get a distracting light to someplace in a hurry, give them a look.
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