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Try this, hold up your thumb and cover an object, like a wall clock. If I shut my left eye, all I can see is my thumb. With both eyes open I can see my thumbnail as well as the clock. Not two thumbs, or two clocks. One thumb and one clock. I would use the term subconcious rather than unconcious. I understand what you mean. There is a possibility there is a subconcious shift between the two eyes. I do know that the subconcious tends to take over during high speed action. Like drawing and firing in 3/4 of a second. I do it without thinking about it. After the timer goes off, the last thing I remember is holding the firing position, seeing the front sight, and the bullet hole. I am fully aware that I am drawing, popping the safety and pulling the trigger. The speed comes from repetition and muscle memory. I believe that the visual muscle memory can be trained as well as other muscles in the body. When I began shooting for speed and accuracy I saw double with both eyes open. I went through the tape over the weak eye lens on the glasses. Closing one completely, whatever.It is funny that the SHOOTERS that I compete with are not so quick to disregard the subject I've talked about here. I guess I'm shooting with those who don't put a whole lot into what these so called "instructors" or "gun writers" have to say. I guess they can, as well as you,think for themselves.
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