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I appreciate it Gbro, but as Hawg suspected, I dont own an original pinfire lemat (though I wish as appparently no surviving pieces survive, or so few as to be the same thing) It was my hope that perhaps someone had made a reproduction version of this rarer version of the Lemat.

I figured it was a longshot, but you never know till you ask right?

Hawg, you mnrtioned that the conversion cylinders are expensive, but are they, and is the reproduction Lemat which I believe is produced by pietta, stronjg enough to handle the stresses of modern loads? I know what we use know is far more powerful. I admit I have no experience with any firarms older than a 1911 .45 and even then its with newer ones. I would be a bit hesitant to try and teach myself BP firing, even if I could find the time. I simply thought this would be an interesting gun to take out for target shooting.
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