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yes, i immediately realized i may very well have just killed myself by stupidity with the hand behind the waist thing.

it would have been so simple to just stick a mag in the para before i ever got out of the truck or even stick it loaded into my backpocket, and i seriously thought about doing that but i figgered the law might drive up on me and then im busted, even with it loaded in the car if they got shirty and badgered me about search.

im big guy, long long hair, big beard. i have always, and expect i will always be treated with wariness by law enforcement.

no im not whining there, its just the way it is.

the next time i get back to texas im sure heck gonna go for carry permit. i made the decision back when they started it in texas not to go for it because i felt i did not need one.

this event changed my mind.

my new wife just dont get it when i tell her to keep head up, walk confidently lookin around, catalog and make plans.

she told me i was silly when i one day told her that every minute when im out and about im thinking about cover, about which way to run, about how to go about surviving an encounter every moment.

it sounds scary when you write it out like this.

i could very well see comments by people telling me im crazy,

telling me im paranoid. guess i am.

it has gone to the point of her callin me a horses patootie, saying stuff like that dont matter.

one of my hopes in buying an AR for her is to get her shooting, get her confident, then maybe i can lead her into situational awareness.

lord knows im no expert on it, but jee whiz, how dumb do ya have to be to not practice it?

dont answer that, i already have.
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