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old 22 Sauer

hi guys,,i have this old J.P.Sauer large frame 22,,,i think the gun is made from some kind of aluminum with steel sleeves in the cylinder and barrel

anyway it got out of time and when i took it apart at first i thought the hand was chipped or the corner was broken off,,so i search around and found a new one,,when i put it in it did push the cylinder farther around but still not quite to lock up

well while i'm scratching my head trying to figure out what's really wrong i get to looking at the cylinder and wonder if the ratchet could have moved on the end of the cylinder,,,it is made a lot like a colt with a steel liner through the cylinder,,,but the part that has the ratchet on it is also pressed into the cylinder,,,,and it looks like it should be more than a press fit.....

the part that has the ratchet on it is pressed into the aluminum and i think it is or should be pined to keep it in time,,,,but on this one the ratchet can turn inside the cylinder letting it get out of time,,,,,it is snug but it will move

so i have it back in time but i am thinking on how to keep it from turning again

i was thinking of putting a pin through the two parts but maybe there is a better way????

any other ideas from you guys???

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