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the low fuel light had been on a while and i foolishly decided to keep going instead of just turning around and heading back toward the interstate intersection gas stations because "theres always another gas station up there"

now i was in a neighborhood the locals frown upon with desert on my route and all night pumps not very well lit at a closed convience store, spooked and trying to get the gas in as quick as possible, trying to keep my head on a swivel. there was considerable traffic running through the four way stop there so i did not see what later pointed at this simply being what the guy said it was.

i turned my head and a man was walking right toward me at a fast pace.

in the truck was an arsenal, but nothing on my person.

i turned my left shoulder toward him while he was still fifteen or so feet away, put my left arm out with palm toward him, fingers spread, my right hand behind the body at waist level and bellowed in as deep a voice as i could muster, "STOP, do NOT approach any closer!" and immediately stepped back toward the passenger door.

i had a paraordance p13 in the backseat, zipped up in a soft case without a mag in the well.

there was also a mossburg 500 18 1/2 inch barreled 12 gauge in the backseat with five rounds in a holder on the stock, but again, nothing in the magazine.

he immediately started backing away, said "whoa, whoa, whoa, its ok i just need directions to such and such place."

told him i was not from the area, knew nothing about it and would appreciate being left alone.

he turned and walked off into the darkness.

i loaded the p13, stuffed it in my back pocket, finished fueling the truck.

i noticed that the guy walked over to the intersection and across it to a big rig parked over there.

i finished up and got on out of there.

the guy might have simply been a trucker looking for directions.

it may have been a mistake to appear that i was about to draw my nonexistant weapon but i calculated i might need just that instant of shock to give me time to get to one of the guns.

i may very well have been setting myself up for the kill right there by acting like i had a weapon on my person.

i do realize that a host of bad decisions went into the making of the encounter, i reckon i dont have to list em.

it has worried me greatly how badly i scared that man.

the bottom line is it would really have been my own fault if something had happened to me there that night.
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