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"For the OP. You preparing for a bum rush by 5 or 6 men with a 5 shot revolver????? Hope they quit."

No, but my sister (I'm bachelor - and she's my only real family) would hard a hard time if she learned that I was mugged and seriously injured or killed and none of the assailants were hurt.

Basically, next time something like that goes down, I'll take five shots from my SW 642 and let the Lord take care of the rest.

And from my experience, the snubbie will - better than any gun - assure me that it's me who is the one shooting my gun, not the enemy who leveraged it out of my hands.

When I first went looking for a handgun in local gunstore- with the mugging fresh in my mind - I saw went staright to 1 gun that I felt confident I would have been able to overcome this group dominance fear (it was present in my case) and the short distances - and present a gun with confidence - the gun turned out to be a shrouded 38+ S&W snubbie - although I was new to guns at the time.

I just think the pocket snubbie is a true self defense piece.
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