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Well folks and friends the internet has made many things much easier.

On ebay junk I never valued has brought me money well beyond what I would have ever guessed I would see for things I don't value.

On guns america it means that I can find way more guns to want to buy than I ever thought possible.

And everywhere it means that scam artists can ply their trade. No diffirent than 15 years ago when I got scamed buying used parts in a new box... just our friend the computer making it easier to do it more often and over greater distances so prosecution is much harder.

Here and elsewhere on the net I more or less will only deal with folks in the US on high dollar items unless prior arrangements are made. A little bit of trading with europe and japan but not much --- mostly selling to very eager buyers for (non-gun) collectables. 9 times out of 10 the pain in the rear that sending / gettign stuff from other countries outweighs the deal you are getting. When you add in the risk it's just not worth it; offten I use the shipping as an excuse but more offten then not it's the shipping and the risk.

Gorgon --- feel a little sorry for him... if he does this in his local and gets caught he may end up with something cut off. One handed typing will sure slow the guy down. Given what happens to thiefs in Saudi he is showing adaptive behavior.
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