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I have done complete handguns and alot of parts for mil. restoration. But I had access to a BEAD BLASTER, not sand blaster. For me, sand leaves a rough texture. Glass beads leave a nice satin texture that works excellent with home park. chemicals. Only flaws I have had is that sometimes steel with different types of surface hardening can result in different shades or even odd colors. Had a carbine bolt come out with a golden tint once. Had the slide of a Chinese Tok look darker at one end than the other due to uneven surface hardening. But generally I have had fine results doing it myself. Last .45 job I did was a frame-I stippled the front strap and then refinished the frame OK. It is also useful for bayonets, knives, tools etc. But follow the instructions. At this time I don't have access to a bead blaster for any large parts anymore so am limited in what I do. Have to pass thru security checkpoint so it has to be deniable as a gun looking part! No frames or barrels etc.
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