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Look for a holster with a large backing, like a CTAC Minotaur or a Crossbreed (Their kydex clips have SUCKED for me, but the holster has been excellent...the C or J clips are probably better suited for your use). The Crossbreed will be back in carry rotation if I can find a way to make some leather loops for it instead of that stupid plastic stuff...there is absolutely no part of the gun against you. It's also more comfortable if you're wearing a "wife beater" or A-shirt.

Both of these holsters have a large chunk of leather in the back with a kydex shell clamped onto them that hold the gun. I believe both have interchangeable clip systems that are tuckable, adjustable, and customizable to your needs.

If you are going to OC why not get a cheaper OWB, crossdraw, or pancake holster? 50 dollars on Ebay will get you a nice handmade leather holster for common guns.
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