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TripleGlocker Update .... Not a "possible scammer" - A PROFFESIONAL SCAM ARTIST

Ok folks my email and PM's from several forums have been going nuts. This guy has multiple P.O. Boxes in Saudi Arabia and has scammed more people than you can imagine. I am one of the lucky ones that still has the items I planned to trade. I usually trust folks and ship right away. But when this guy gave me 2 different names and then after I gave him my address said he was in Saudi Arabia I had a red flag moment.

Please go to this link on blade forums:

You can read all about him.

Then go to Glock Talk and do a search on "TripleGlocker". There you will find the items he scammed the good folks from blade forums out of for sale or trade. I have a bad feeling this dirt bag is financing his own little terrorist war against our troops. Scamming folks may be the least of the reasons to hate this punk!

Watch out for the following:

Charly Cheng (Marino Bush)
Al Nemer Bldg Along Olaya Road
Postal Box 10525
Riyadh 11443
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Mobile No. +966 56 78 650 88

His email now is:
[email protected]

He has other names and addresses listed on blade forums. Common items are but not limited to - Charly Cheng, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, 11443. He gets very pushy, demanding. No feedback or successful trades. Refuses to ship first. Says he ships but no proof. Makes excuses. You NEVER see your items. You get scammed. You never hear from him again.

Please post or contact me with other information. I am collecting as much information as I can then contacting a friend in law enforcement.

Beware my friends.
gorgon24 (TFL and blade forums)
quasimodo (glock talk)

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