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IWB open carry methodology

Not 100% sure where this belongs, but it's all about handguns so let's start it over here.

I have IWB holsters as that is the only way I tend to carry my weapon. They don't have a thumb break or any retention system other than friction and self awareness. When there's a shirt over the weapon, I am completely unconcerned as I trust my holsters to retain the weapon throughout my mild-to-moderate physical activity (up to and including a short jog through the rain, etc).

Here's the conundrum: Here in Ohio, we're allowed to carry openly. On a hot day when I'm wearing work clothing (dockers and a polo or short sleeve button down), I hate to untuck the shirt. I modified my 1911 to be far more comfortable (no more airplane wing sized Springfield ambi safety, I put a nice colt defender style on it thank the gods) but it's still not a pleasant thing to have against your bare skin in 95 degree summer weather. I am still of the mindset that I would be remiss if an assailant was not sufficiently incapacitated by a smaller weapon, I would be responsible (and dead) for it because I compromised on a pocket gun. Therefore, if I am leaving work and running errands or what have you, I tend to open carry in places like stores and gas stations.

It's never been an issue - other than a few gawkers, no one tends to even notice. I don't know or care what people assume, but they seem to figure that anyone carrying a firearm around without attempting to hide it is probably allowed to do so and my style of dress does not contradict that idea. However, back to the problem at hand: There is no retention device on an IWB holster. I keep a good sense of distance and intent regarding the people near me to avoid a grab and honestly I think it would be a pretty stupid criminal who actually decided to try to take the weapon from me even by surprise (this is all broad daylight of course), but I am wondering if the folks here think it to be irresponsible to carry an unrestrained, visible weapon on your person.

On that line of thought, I am also wondering what law enforcement would think of such a thing. The weapon is clearly in a holster and the Ohio laws do not specify any retention methods required beyond the need for some kind of genuine holster (to my knowledge).

Thoughts? Should I be taking the time & money to swap out IWB with a retentive holster for these sorts of days? Do you think a full OWB holster would go over better, even though it would hang a big shiny stainless firearm where the world can get a better look at it? Can you find a good IWB holster with an easy-to-use retention device for a 1911?
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