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TripleGlocker - BIG TIME Scammer. Please Read!

Please Note the deal TripleGlocker is referring to occured on Glock Talk ... NOT on The Firing Line!

This is gorgon24 or quasimodo the Glock Talk (George Johnston to my friends).
TripleGlocker - Marino Bush and/or Charly Cheng depending who he identifies himself is in Saudi Arabia. He does NOT share this little bit of information when trying to make a trade.

When I asked if he has any references on GT or any other site he simply said he had never traded before. I provided him with a link to The Firing Line and my user name to see I have made many successful trades.

Late that night ,after providing my address, I get a email saying my package would be mailed at 0800 the following day. And that his address was a Postal Box in Riyadh in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

So I contacted him to tell him I was uncomfortable with this. I said I wouldn't ship until I received my package and had some sort of reassurance he was who he said. After checking the USPS website I find it is ILLEGAL to do what this member promised me it was legal (and I asked him specifically) to do.

Marino and/or Charly (TripleGlocker) now says he is having the USPS put a hold on a package that was mailed. Well that is new to me. I can honestly say I have mailed things in the past that I WISH I could have stopped.

Should anyone know any other information please post it. IF I am wrong and someone has had a positive experience with TripleGlocker please let me know. Although it looks like he just joined to try to hurt my good reputation here among folks I have traded with successfully.

I do believe we may have weeded out a foreign scammer my friends. I would hate to think that a potential terrorist and threat to our troops is using this forum to obtain items to use against our soldiers.

Please be very cautious!

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