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Triple Canopy post

Well I guess that this would be a good time to chime in about the Nanolube sample(s) I received. I used it on some AK's that had very stiff latches. I applied a few drops to the problem areas and it worked damn good. As a matter of fact I first tried CLP which didn't seem to help.

Next test was out on the range with an M249 SAW. Lube was applied to the rails and main contact points. Ambient temperature was about 99 degrees and was dusty outside. There were no malfunctions of any kind after approx. 1000 rds being expended.

One of our guys was running through an extended shoot course with his issue Bushmaster. I had him wipe down all other excess lube and then lube the inside with Nanolube. It was applied to the bolt and carrier and along the upper where the charging handle rides. A few hundred rounds were fired during this course and no malfunctions were observed. There was one malfunction that was attributed to the ammo only.

Final test I took an old (pre-1959) milled receiver AK47 that was a little rough. I cleaned it up and lubed it with Nanolube. The gun ran excellent. As a matter of fact it almost seemed to be cycling faster than normal (though I don't believe this is the case) and experienced no problems. I am probably going to buy a larger size bottle and use it more before I give a 100% endorsement.
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