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Locked SA 9mm

I have been reading on this forum for quite a while now and I finally need some help from all you experts. I have a Springfield XD 9 Subcompact. My roommate (who has a bit of a tendancy to break things) was handling my gun tonight and managed to strip it and put the slide back on without the spring securely in place. The spring is now out of the gun and the barrel is locked between the slide and the frame. The slide won't move forward enough for me to get it back into place. If I could move the slide forward more the barrel would drop into the ejection port and I could take it off but as it is right now there is no way for me to get it back into place and the gun is unusable. I'm sure I can't be the first person to have this problem and there is probably some simple solution to it. So if any of you semi-auto experts can give me some help here I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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