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.1nm for an oil molecule - prove it
I miss spoke, that is ~ approximately the size of an atom. I have seen oil molecules listed as anywhere from 20 to 60 Angstroms. If the latter is true, then your diamonds are 1/6 the size of an oil molecule. And that is supposed to help how?
Asperities 1000X larger breaking off??? exactly what are you trying to say?
What I am trying to say is that your nano-diamonds are too small to do anything. Even if they embed into the surface of the metal, they will do nothing to keep the asperities from contacting or breaking off which are at least 1000 times larger than your diamonds. These will do nothing to bolster the asperity or prevent wear. If they embed, there is no slip as with moly and there is no ablative/slip effect as with anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. There is also no asperity filling as can happen with moly and EP additives. There is no surface improvement so how can there be a reduction in friction?

Embed a million basket ball sized bearings into a 1000ft peak, and collide it with another peak inverted. How are the bearings supposed to help? Interlocked spheres on opposing planes do not slide well.

Further, if someone comes along and uses a lubricant with AW or EP chemistry (which you should), your diamonds will be buried far under the formed films and will do nothing.

The roller bearing theory has been reported in the past. I see now that you no longer make that claim, sorry. But now you do not know the mechanism by which the lubricity is obtained. Kinda' sketchy.

It is like getting a DLC finish for a fifty cents instead of hundreds of dollars.
Direct quote by you:
A layer 1nm of diamond is very different from a proper DLC coating.

Meaningless when you don't know what you are doing the math on
Care to explain and enlighten your potential customers?

that LZ is hot bro
Yep, but when the BS meter is pegged...

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