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I do reload, and have worked up loads. I have about 200 rounds through it now. This is actually the first rifle that I had the barrel installed and the action blue printed, but that is all the work that anyone else did on it. I even built my own laminated stock in the culberson prone style, have had several of the folks at the range ask if it was a McMillan, so I think I did a decent job.

Yes, the action is fully bedded with pillars and barrel is fully floated. The firing pin and spring are original and I have bought a lighter pine with new spring, to reduce lock time and hopefully reduce the small vibration. My other 2 700's hardly move at all when the trigger is pulled, but both are newer and have the lighter pin that they use now.

I have built a jig that encloses the shroud and the pin and compresses the spring, so hopefully nothing will fly too far.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I will just get it on a good surface and rail on it, since I don't need the old pin I don't guess it will matter if it bends a little.

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