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.1nm for an oil molecule - prove it, and Asperities 1000X larger breaking off??? exactly what are you trying to say?
<1nm??? What happens when the 1000 times bigger asperities breaks off from wear with all of your 1nm diamonds attached to it? 1nm??? This is too rich. 1nm is about 10 times the size of an oil molecule.

I said these are nanodiamonds, not solid films.
<Wear pads that are formed by ZDDP are 100 times thicker than that and extreme pressure films are measured in microns (micro meters) 1000x larger.

You cannot make DLC powder is a CVD chamber, so all the experts have told me. What is the point of acting out like a school boy when it is clear you do not understand what is written?
<1nm?? DLC without a vapor chamber? Does your product turn the gun black? TOO funny.

Like I said, they embed - why are you trying to start an argument over what I did not say?
<And please don't try and tell me that these role along the surface like tiny ball bearings...

DLC coatings are one thing, and so is building up two 6 micron layers of polymer on metal finishes, neither of which I do.
<ETA: The DLC coating from Ion bond is about 5000X thicker than what you are saying here.

Meaningless when you don't know what you are doing the math on
<And a unit converter for anyone that wants to do the math for themselves:

Like I said, my product has two ingredients, the same two ingredients it always had - synthetic oil and Novel NanoDiamond particles.
<ETA: After reading some of your posts, I see a lot of "50-400 strokes to seat the diamonds", "the more you use it the better it works", "nonstick surface". Sounds a LOT like a chlorinated extreme pressure additive. Does your product contain any chlorine, sulpur, phos?

Sulpur?? NO Polymers, Sulfur, Chlorine, Phosphorous, Lead, Tin, Kryptonite, pixie dust - just nanodiamond and oil.

It was nice chatting with you, but you are rude, arrogant, and make strange accusations that could have been avoided by simply reading. Bye.

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