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I'm no expert, but I couldn't imagine firing a revolver at 100-200 yards I have to hand it to you guys that can shoot like that.

I’ve used laser bore sighters before and it surprised me as to how inaccurate they are. Sure lasers get you on paper, but surprisingly inaccurate.

The Crimson Trace looks handy, but I imagine not relying on a laser when it comes to being startled in a 'real life situation' especially at night. The Crimson Trace does look ergonomic enough to be used instinctively though.

If something bumps in the night, what do ya do? Most grab a flash light. There's nothing better than a flashlight that BITES! I've become more ... reliant/dependant ... on tactical lights more so than lasers for night time situations. If I had to pick either a laser or a tac light … I choose a tac light. For the most part, in the end, one does have to rely on and be confident with their aim.

I would be tempted to get one if I owned a revolver because they do not take up any space and doesn’t affect the use of a holster. I just wouldn’t expect it to be extremely accurate especially at longer ranges.
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