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thanks... i've got .454 and .457 balls...

There are not generally any premium values attached to unfired Italian replica revolvers except very unusual and rare specimens.
What I thought. I just didn't want to be the moron who broke some collector's heart.

Long Rider, relax, I paid real yankee greenbacks for it. It was a fair price that both the seller and I parted friends. I find some "deals" but its usually because I spent time and gas hunting through garage sales and pawn shops. in other words, it woulda been cheaper to buy it at Cabelas. (except I HATE buying new... I just like second-hand stuff.)

In fact, I was a little upset when I looked this 1860 over and saw the nipples, chambers and barrel was pristine. Fortunately, over the years handling had put some small dings, scratches and dust on it. My favorite revs have lots of mileage on 'em and look it.

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