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And yes, a Glock 19 is far easier to defend/deflect than a snubby. I've done it with blue guns in Krav Maga and a G19-size gives you plenty of barrel and frame to work with (relax--I'm not saying it's easy to do or your 19 is going to get stripped, I'm just saying it's easier than with the snub). The snub requires attacking the hand holding it and the shooter can power right through your grasp.
The snubby doesn't require the hand to be attacked. I can and have (in fun) grabbed the cylinder before it could rotate. While my hand held the cylinder the gun couldn't be fired no matter how hard the trigger was pulled. On many models the hammer can be held or allowed to bite your flesh to stop the gun.

Also I wasn't proclaiming either platform better or worst at preventing a takeaway or hand on gun induced failure. I was simply responding to the OP suggesting that a snub would be better because of its shorter size. Both platforms are in serious danger of failing if grabbed IMO and IME. On both platforms gun retention tactics will reduce or eliminate this problem.
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