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However, most people, no matter how tough, would not go (unarmed) up against a gun, no matter how many there are. You drill one dead center then cycle to the next one and I can pretty much guarantee he's gonna take a long think about his next action. Muscle doesn't compare to bullets and staring into a muzzle is intimidating to anyone.
People fight with cops (who tend to be armed) all the time. All too many of them win. Crooks fight with other crooks (who also tend to be armed) quite a bit, and often win. Convenience store workers are known to grapple with armed robbers, and often win. Disarm techniques are a major field of study, in police academies, training courses, and prisons.

The only guarantee that can be made is that no one has a clue what will happen. And while you are staring down one or two, the other 6 are circling to grab you. Keep waving the weapon around to put them all under the muzzle, and you've marked yourself as prey who will fall.
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