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20 plus years ago, I got mugged outside my place of work.

Some guy walked up, demanded $5 and stabbed me in the arm. I knocked the holy crap out of him and he bounced up off the sidewalk like a basketball and we rolled around in the mud of a parking lot for a few minutes before I pulled a pro-wrestling move on him -body slam- whereupon he bounced up again and ran away. I started to run after him but was weak for some reason.
I went back to my college dorm and found out he had sliced my scalp open as well as stabbed me in the arm. He tried to stab me again and broke the knife. I still have it.
What is funny is that I was only working that crappy job in that crappy neighborhood in hopes of saving up enough money to buy a gun.
Back then, the only guns I was interested in were single action revolvers.
Looking back a snubby or a big bore derringer would have been just fine for that particular situation, but I did not have one.
Thank the gods I was into powerlifting and boxing back then.

A couple of years after that, I got into another bad situation, where my roomate and I wandered into a drug situation. That time, I was armed and got out without a scratch. At the time, I really wished I had my own gun, a long barrelled model 29, instead of a service pistol I had borrowed to go plinking.
Back in the mid 1980s, the standard teaching was to carry the biggest gun you cold conceal- which for me was a Model 29 with a six inch tube.
At that time, in Ky, carrying concealed was a misdemeanor with a $100 fine.

As I got older and less studly, I began carrying smaller guns. 645s, Berettas, 1911s, etc.
These days, after a hernia repair I mostly carry a snub nose 5 shooter or a .45 derringer.

I think the most important factor is to HAVE A GUN, followed by having it in an effective caliber. Everything else comes in third.

>>>For the OP. You preparing for a bum rush by 5 or 6 men with a 5 shot revolver????? Hope they quit. <<<

In the real world, you seldom get bum rushed. Police statistics show that most civillian and LE shootings take place at about ten feet or less and end after three rounds have been fired.
All due respects to Mel Gibson's screen writers.
You get bum rushed by six people chances are you won't have time to pull the trigger more than twice.
Thing is, I doubt most people will bum rush you once you pull a gun on them.
Criminals are looking for an easy score not a fight. A gangbanger with an AK will run from a granny with a .25 auto every time.

For those of you who enjo snubbies, I recommend Ed Lovette's excellent book on the snub nose revolver. Even an old wheelgunner like me learned a thing or two from it. Its worth far more than the asking price if you are serious about saving your own bacon.
Lovette points out that in todays bottom feeder world a lot of old school wheelgun techniques and tricks are getting lost.
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