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Agree with Buzz Knox

It's PC to talk about bullies being inherently cowardly, and suffering from self-esteem issues.

However, it's not necessarily correct. Recent studies have shown that bullies often have highly elevated self-esteem.

And some of the monsters out there are very, very tough. In most packs, there will be at least one Alpha.

My sensei used to always tell us, when teaching weapon disarms, that in the real thing, you had to enter the conflict knowing that you would probably get cut, and you had to be ready to continue after being cut.

It's better tactics to assume the bad guys will fight, and will be competent, than to assume they will all flee in terror when you draw down. It's better tactics to train to a level where you have a chance against tough, determined aggressors.

On a separate note, one problem with the concept of armed defense at the county fair:

In Florida, you can't carry legally at public gatherings. Georgia has recently revised the laws, but I'm not sure if an event like a fair is legal for CCW. I am pretty sure that most states would frown on carrying at the fair.


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