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The other story I read about this incadent said that the father started yelling at 2 of the thugs after they slapped his 12 yo daughter on the buttocks (That right there will get you shot by me quick fast and in a hurry I don't care what the law says). After yelling the two thugs called for backup and 6 more showed up. Why did he hang around. Retreat and call police I say first if they follow you to your car and start trying to enter the car then start shooting or start running them over.

It did no good to hang around and start a fight with 8 guys. If they jumped him then Latch on to the smallest one and try very hard to break every bone in his scrawny crack head body. By the time they get you off you more than likely have put a serious hurting on him.

I am not one to fist fight but touching my 12 year old daughter (Mine is 11 right now) is going to really piss me the hell off. Kick my azz all you want but prepair to die if you touch my wife or kids.
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