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+1 Bzamazama

I really like this post. Several others have said the same thing, you you did it clearly and briefly.

You, and the others, are absolutely right. The mind is the best deterrent to a shooting.

Thank you all for the excellent thoughts and plans. Some I already knew, some I learned in here. All were good for a refresher.

I AM alert to my surroundings. I DO "see" people. Sometimes I feel it necessary for them to know I see them, then I make eye contact. I try to stay out of bad areas and places. If the hair on my neck starts to rise, I leave. I'm 54 and have no need to stroke my "machismo" or ego. No "styling and profiling" here. I feel no need to antagonize to prove some senseless point. What a stranger thinks of me is of no consequence. I'm a normal person going about my normal business. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

One thing I don't think anyone mentioned...go back and thoroughly re-read the concealed weapon laws for your state. What they say will change the way you look at a lot of things.

Most have a section that reads something like this, "...must in no way be at fault for the ensuing altercation." In other words, we must be squeaky clean. We CAN'T start something, we CAN'T escalate it. You get cut off in traffic. Is it worth pulling up beside the guy and telling him his mother was a female dog? What if he stops his car and comes at you? Do you pull your weapon and shoot him? You'll need an angel in court if you do. You started the incident. Think about this and apply it to anything that happens during your day.

We carry the power to violently and painfully end a life. When you think about it, that's a heavy responsibility, and a little scary.
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