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I have a S&W model 65, 2-1/2" barrel. Don't carry it, can't find a holster I like. I carry x-draw from weak side. I'm too old and stiff to get the thing out of a strong side holster, and that also takes both hands, one to yank away the clothing and one to draw. My preferred carry is a mid-size 45acp, held tight against my side so it doesn't "print through. I never practice shoot at the usual range of 25yd. I don't even care what kind of 25yd accuracy my sidearm has. All my practice is 10yd or less, including some (very) rapid fire at about 2-3 yd. I also have a couple of N-frame Smiths, with the hammers de-horned. They're double action, aren't they? Who needs hammer spurs! Also, no spur means no snagg. Modifying reduces value? Who cares---I'm buying protection, not future investments. My chosen caliber is 45acp. My mid-size auto conceals as good or better than my S&W model 65. I have to admit I frequently carry my full size 1911. Hey, the only thing hard to hide is the grip, no matter how long the barrel. And, as Col. Jeff Cooper said, the 45acp will make the bad guy stop what he is doing before he kills you!
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