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engraving & stock carving... how to get started ???

was just reading Wildalaskas thread about his buddys engraved guns for sale... the guy does awesome work...I have a couple old custom rifles at home... one has an incredible piece of birds eye / flame maple for a stock... however it is pretty crudely fitted to the rifle...I've always ( since I got into guns as an adult... I'm a collector now, but have a couple junky pieces I could play with just for the sake of playing ), wanted to try some customizing...

Metal work... I have a couple books on engraving... but to a total newbie, who has worked a little in metal machining, & coarse metal shaping... I just am having a hard time even thinking about putting a tool to a gun, & trying to put a finish on one... I know I should practice on plate stock etc. & once I'm to that point, I already have some cheap ones to graduate on to practice... but how did you guys actually start ??? anyone start cold turkey, or did you have a local mentor to get you going???

Wood working...we have quite a bit of naturally dried black walnut... & over the years, I've saved the best figured pieces... I had been thinking about doing a few revolver grips... maybe starting with what at least appears easy, my old Rohm 22 revolver, or I've been looking at knife handle supplys particularly semi precious gem stones, & micartas for my NAA mini revolver... eventually I'd like to get good enough to put the finishing touches on that flame maple stocked rifle, making it look more professional... but again, I have no mentor, so I'm having trouble even knowing where to start... seems like doing a set of grips for the mini, or the Rohm might be a good winter project...

I just need some moral support... how did you guys get started, & how do I get good enough that I don't waste the materials or the gun ???
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