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Are you prepared with your 15 round mag?
Just doing the math and I am 3 times more prepared ammunition wise. Personally I am as prepared as I can be given the awful odds against 6 bad guys. My carry gun choice gives me as much ammo as can be held in a concealable package. My caliber is capable of deep penetration. My training includes shooting on the move and engaging multiple attackers while doing so. It also includes weapon retention and point shooting skills.

Is this enough???????I hope so.

I'm betting they WILL quit once the first one is down and bleeding all over the sidewalk. Perps want it EASY. They do NOT want an armed conflict.
We pretty much agree except that you are betting and I am hoping. If they don't quit I have the tool and training to make them. I agree though that they probably will just quit at the sight of the gun or the innards of their buddy spilling out.
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