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Revolvers can have the cylinder locked simply by grabbing it. This makes it a 0 shooter.
Ah.. partly. If it's already cocked, it WILL fire if the trigger is pulled. Gotta be a gutsy (or stupid) perp to grab a gun pointed at him. BTW, if the perp grabs your pistol and pushes the slide out of battery, it ain't gonna fire, either. If you do manage to get a shot off with him holding it, you're done, because the resistance of his grip will make it jam. Good reason to not let him get that close, too.

For the OP. You preparing for a bum rush by 5 or 6 men with a 5 shot revolver????? Hope they quit.
Are you prepared with your 15 round mag? There's no "magic bullet" and no guarantee that many rounds will stop them. They're anticipating an easy, unarmed target. I'm betting they WILL quit once the first one is down and bleeding all over the sidewalk. Perps want it EASY. They do NOT want an armed conflict.
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